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Woodbury has a Curly Hair Bar

Ficocello's Curly Hair Bar in Woodbury MN

Woodbury has a new Curly Hair Bar.  Your bar server is a Deva-certified curl specialist.  This curly bar is for the naturally curly or wavy-haired client. We offer specialized cuts, sets and up-dos. Come on in for a visit and talk with one of our curly specialists. How does a regular cut differ from a Deva Cut? The Deva Cut consists of a dry hair cut with your curls left in their natural state.  Our certified stylists focus on each individual curl and how it lays to create the perfect shape for your curly hair.  Due to this process, the Deva Cut takes about twice as long as a regular haircut. The DevaCurl products are designed to hydrate and prevent fizz, therefore promoting longer growth; versus the breakage that commonly occurs with curly hair. Each of our salons has Deva certified curl specialists that are experienced and educated in dealing with different hair types.  


DevaCurl™ Available


DevaCurl™ is a complete collection of products for a curly lifestyle. Designed exclusively for curly, wavy and chemically processed hair, the revolutionary DevaCurl hair care system rejuvenates, restores and respects hair's natural order without the use of harsh and dehydrating chemicals. The innovative collection of sulfate, silicone and paraben-free conditioning cleansers and styling products address curly hair’s specific needs using healthy oils and botanical extracts that cleanse, hydrate and lock-in moisture.   DevaCurl™ products are perfect for curly, wavy and chemically dehydrated hair. Visit any one of our large staff of Deva inspired stylists.