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Ficocello's Advanced Training Center

Our Advanced Training Center is designed as a starting point for every Ficocello's employee. Licensed hair dressers are provided with advanced training and systems to prepare them for employment in our salons.

Here they are exposed to advanced training in hair cutting and styling, customer service, retailing, coloring and perming. There is no charge for this training if the student works for one full year in one of our salons upon graduation. Our award winning style directors coach and consult with students while actually working with clients. Students are paid and hourly wage while training at the Center.

We are committed to helping our employees succeed. Our strategically-located salons are highly regarded and offer our employees the opportunity to build a client base and grow professionally while building a successful and financially rewarding career in this exciting industry.

At Ficocello's Advanced Training Center we strive to provide students with every tool necessary to succeed in our organization. You will be proud of your work in the award-winning Ficocello's salons.

 Benefits offered include:

  • Competitive base pay
  • Advancement Opportunities
  • Commission on services*
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Commission and bonuses on retail sales*
  • Health insurance*
  • Paid vacations*
  • On-going in-salon education*
  • Regular, scheduled training
  • 401k savings & retirement plan*
  • Regular performance reviews*
  • Personal tracking systems

*These benefits available to employees after graduation from the Training Center

Join the Ficocello's Team! We start classes for stylists every six weeks. Become one of the elite performers in our industry.

To print out an application, click this link:   employment application